Our Story

IHF Partners is a boutique law firm in Jakarta that has been established since 1997. Founded by well experienced lawyers Dani Indrawan and Heisky Bambang Sugiyono, the firm was initially named Indrawan, Heisky & Partners (IHP). Prior to establishing the firm, Dani Indrawan worked as a lawyer in other prominent law firms in Jakarta and as a legal officer at a bank. Heisky Bambang Sugiyono was also a lawyer at other prominent Jakartan firms, and worked as a legal counsel in an oil and gas company. In 2015, Fachri Asaari, a senior lawyer and founder of another prominent law firm in Jakarta, joined the firm, and the name was changed to IHF Partners. As of 2016, Fachri Asaari is no longer active at IHF Partners.

Our team of lawyers work closely with the client in order to understand the client's need and to help the client achieve their objectives. The lawyers are trained to do extensive research and attend to details in order to provide the best legal services to the client and prevent any unnecessary surprises. Our lawyers are also capable of handling any transactions that may require immediate attention, all over Indonesia.